The Blue Album

by Ricky Rebel

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He toured with Britney Spears, was discovered by Michael Jackson & signed to Madonna’s Maverick label, but now he’s doing it on his own terms.
(LOS ANGELES) August 1, 2014 ... He was discovered by Michael Jackson, toured with Britney Spears, signed to Michael Jackson’s custom-label at Sony, then Madonna’s Maverick label. Now, the former lead vocalist of No Authority, Ricky G., now known as Ricky Rebel, is back with an edgy solo release, “The Blue Album”, featuring his single “Star”. Ricky produced the album, Claudio Cueni (JLo) mixed the tracks and the album is available through iTunes and
“The Blue Album” is a journey of decadent, glam-pop rebel-music tracks with hints of Adam Lambert and Madonna. The songs are musical stories of love, loss, ambition, inspiration, rebellion, salvation and living unapologetically without fear. The collection is also a reflective look at the events that have shaped his life after dying his hair blue.
"My life changed dramatically when I turned my hair blue,” Ricky explains. “Blue is associated with healing elements of the sky and heavens. Blue is beautiful, but it’s also associated with dark feelings and depression. I created an album that reflected all of the complexities of the color. There are light-blue and dark-blue sides to the album."
The album opens with the anthem-track “Star” then dips into the emotional highs and lows through songs including the tongue-and-check “Boys And Sometimes Girls” in which Ricky hilariously sings about a “rather freaky problem” that he has, “Around the World (Sekaijū No)”, a nod to Ricky’s deep love of Japanese culture, and “Rebel the Darkness”, a track dedicated to the LGBT community that encourages people to take a stand for those who are afraid to stand on their own.
“The Blue Album” is the follow up to Ricky’s 2012 “Manipulator” album that features the hits “Geisha Dance”, “Get It On”, “You Need a Woman” and the title track. “Geisha Dance” spent ten weeks on the Mediabase chart that powers “On Air with Ryan Seacrest”, and MTV’s “Good Vibes” also featured music from the album.


released July 1, 2014

All songs written & produced by R. Godinez
Mixed by Claudio Cueni
Violin: Alyson Montez
Guitar: Conrado Pesinato & R. Godinez



all rights reserved


Ricky Rebel Los Angeles, California

Ricky Rebel had worldwide success as the lead singer in the pop group No Authority that was signed to Michael Jackson's label (SONY Records) and later to Madonna's Maverick label. Now, his recent 2013 single, “Geisha Dance”, just spent ten weeks on the Mediabase Chart (The chart that powers “On Air with Ryan Seacrest”). Ricky's new LP "The Blue Album" is now available on iTunes.
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Track Name: Boys & Sometimes Girls
Boys & Sometimes Girls
Hey yo DJ / Turn that up / You want what I’ve got don’t try to fake it / You want what I’ve got why don’t you take it / You like the way I move and the way I do my thing / You treat me like Britney / Yeah you want a piece of me / You wanna get with me welcome to my world / I like the Boys Boys Boys Boys and Sometimes Girls / And sometimes girls they get me kind of hot / I like the way they work the pole it hits the spot / I know it’s kind of kinky / I know it’s weird / but I’m the kind of gay guy that likes girls to touch my rear / You wanna get with me this is how I roll / I like the Boys Boys Boys Boys Boys and Sometimes Girls / I can’t stop ‘till I get to the top / and I know that it’s wrong / and I know I’m a freak / And gay guys don’t understand me / Some girls they just want to [BLANK] me / It’s such freaky problem that I got / I’ve always liked it both ways / And maybe that’s why I’m unique / You wanna get with me you better know I like it all / I want the Boys Boys Boys Boys Boys and Sometimes Girls / If you wanna get with me you’ve gotta give me the world / I like the Boys Boys Boys Boys Boys Boys and Sometimes Girls /
Track Name: I Adore You (feat. Jayk Gallagher)
I Adore You Lyrics by: R.Godinez & J.Gallagher

Rebel / Jayk Gallagher / I've been around the world
And I've seen many places I've / Kissed the lips of lonely faces /
Empty hearts lead to one night stands /
But you've got that something /
That makes me want to change my ways /
You've got those eyes that see right through me and /
It's no surprise that I'm so into you /
I adore I adore I adore you /
I'll do anything do anything do anything for you /
This is more than love More than love /
I Adore You You You You You You /
Do anything for you you you you you you you /
I Adore You /
Yo when I first saw you I started wiggin out // intellect, and those legs, and you gave a little smile // couldn't remember my name for a little while // had to whisk you out the club just to sit you down//
this isn't hit it quit it this is really bigger now  // I envision you w children we can settle down // Taking trips, sipping drinks on a pacific isle // this isn't really anything you gotta figure out
You make a bad boy wanna settle down /
You make a bad boy wanna turn his life around /
I Adore You
Track Name: Too Late
2 Late
You were my fiancé how could you treat me this way / & you expect me to stay at home alone / While you're out at night doing God knows what / Never picking up the telephone / Time keeps tickin’ tickin’ down & you pushed our love under the ground / You made my heart break I'll settle the score / I don't wanna see your face anymore / 2 Late / to make it right / Out of sight / out of mind/ What we had's / out of time / I'm not yours / you're not mine / You lied to me when you said that you were gonna leave for just a little while but it's been a month / You took my clothes & my computer when you couldn't control mouth / Like a bomb I'm ticking ticking down & you buried our love under the ground / You made my heart break I'll settle the score / I don't want to see your face anymore /
2 Late / Out of sight / Out of mind
Track Name: Around The World (Sekaijū No)
Around The World (Sekaijū No)
Sekaijū No Sekaijū No Sekaijū No / I’m traveling distant from the sun / Everywhere I go / I still feel the same / Like a child / You took a part of me / Now I run / Still running from the pain / Sekaijū No
/ It’s so strange / Keep on moving on / After all this time / Still clawing for the fame / Do what I can to mask away the shame / That I love you / I still feel the same / Sekaijū No / I’ll go around the world / leave the past behind / I’ll go around the world / Forget that you were mine / I’ll go around the world /Through all space and time / I’ll go around the world / Forget that you were mine / Sekaijū No / To get away from you / I’ll go around the world
Track Name: Desire
Like a moth to a flame / I’m attracted to the game / I can’t seem to stop this masquerade / At first our love was forever true / There was nothing we couldn’t do / Now I see the season start to fade / Baby we’re falling / Falling under / Into the open arms of Desire / Feel the fire / Don’t stop believing / Love can be healing / But Desire / Desire’s a broken heart / Now our love is heaven and hell / Fill your cup from the wishing well / I can see you pleasure turn to pain / Love is war / war is love / That’s the message from up above / What does it all mean / Doesn’t mean anything / What else can I do / I’m forever drawn to you / What else can I say / To make you stay